Portfolio Risk Inspector
Experience suggests that almost every investor is exposed to more risk through their portfolio than they know or want. This tool will help you understand your risk exposure by showing you the Stress Test results of a popular Target Date fund that would be reasonable (according to best practices) for you.

You will either confirm that everything is fine and you have nothing to worry about or that your life savings are likely over-exposed to potential losses. At that point you can get a full personalized Stress Test of your portfolio (also FREE).

Either way, you'll be better informed and THAT will make you a better investor.
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Thank you for going through our Portfolio Risk Quick Check. There's a funny thing about investment losses - Sometimes the willingness to endure then changes. If that ever happens, we're here to help.
Thank you for your submission. A full report is on it's way to you.

The next step is to run a full Stress Test on YOUR portfolio. 

This report is ALSO FREE, but you will need to share with us details of your current holdings. Don't worry. Our system is secure and we will not share that information with anyone else.